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Saturday, December 21, 2013

An Etv Holiday "Special" !

 A Christmas Ever


*knock *knock

who's there?

"Ever, it's me Rodvik"

"I hear you've been rather naughty."

"I'm sending you the three noobs of Christmas"

"Hopefully you can learn something from them."

"I am the noob of Christmas past, and I've some things I think you need to see."

oh good times :D

ut oh :o

this isn't going to be good is it? :/

and this...

"and this was quite the piece of work... especially since you crashed your computer and left a meteor shower, plane wreck, fire, nuke, and tornado on the sim for a week."


"and this."

hey! have you seen the prices at that place?!?

"and more throwing noobs off buildings"

"what is it with you and noobs?"


"Hi Ever I'm the noob of Christmas present"

how the heck am i supposed to tell the difference?

"How would I know?... I'm a noob!"

"one of your employees here: so poor her family can't afford a real Christmas tree."

"So utterly poor they can't afford to live in the 21st century!"

"Another of your employees driving around in a freebie van!"

"..and this one can't afford tops!!!!"


"Hi Ever, I'm the noob of Christmas future."

oh ok so what's going to happen to Bay City?

"What do you think about a club full of bots?!"

/me sighs

"...and a trailer park in your old sim."

... wait... how is that bad exactly??

"and then there's this:"

oh no... you mean????

"Yes! You could end up in a skybox!!!"


ZOMG i've got to do something!!!

little vintage girl! i've brought you a LIVE tree!


and the biggest turkey i could find!!!


well... you sure showed me the light Christmas noob!!!






whew! ... glad everything's back to normal!  

and to ALL>>>> A BUD LIGHT!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome back to Etv!!!


Tonight's Feature:


Wowser! working around this beer all day has got me dizzy!

must be something in the water :o


i know someone who can help :)

... tell me Al ... how bad is it?

"I've got to give it to you straight: you've got one, maybe two episodes before your roots start showing."

but i can't go blonde! people take me seriously this way; they think i'm smart... they respect me!!! right???


once you go blonde you never go black!!

i saw a guy that was blonde, i had to go talk to him...

i knew i'd seen this guy before... he was my ALT!!!

...look you've got to help me, i'm going blonde.. 

teach me everything you know

WOW! blondes really *do* have more fun!!!

ok ... so remember those lindens i gave you awhile that one time?

i'm gonna need those back :o


"So the first thing you need to learn is how to pick up quality guys!"

i'm sure i can trust your judgement on that :o

i think the next thing i need is to figure how to get rid of them :/

"Whatever you say Ms. Ever!"






from now on we do things MY way around here!!!



Etv has been brought to you by:

Demo!   i never leave home w/o it!